Mardi Gras

Well this year’s Fat Tuesday was a success! I of course began by brainstorming something good to do for lent. Nische and I talked about it, and later I discussed it with Nola; I think we all have some pretty great things. Nische has committed to reading the entire Old Testament by Easter, which averages to a chapter a day; she has to read it for her class anyway, but she would be finished a couple of weeks early. Nola decided to abstain from gluttonous eating after a night of drinking. I gave up two things: elevators and my snooze button. Science shows that going back to sleep after your alarm decreases your overall energy level, and stairs are always a great way to work in some cardio.
So Tuesday night Nola and I went Pool & Beer, had a great time discussing some of our travel plans, then afterwards she went to an excellent burrito bar nearby for quite an amazing midnight snack. It is a little expensive, but so delicious, and it was her Fat Tuesday! I was a little disappointed because this place is the one that sells cheap Budweiser, but the manager said I couldn’t get one to go because the bottle was not disposable; I did, however, discover that they also serve Hefeweizen, so I was content. When I got back to my apartment, I made sure to savor my ride in the elevator. Now I know I technically should have slept in on Tuesday, but I hadn’t thought of it yet, plus I had to get up early to finish some homework before class that morning. Alternatively, on Wednesday I didn’t have anything I really had to get done before my class at 5:30. Furthermore, I’ll have to get up extra early on Easter to go with Bomi to the airport, so it just made sense to push it back a day.
Anyway, it’s going pretty well so far. I got right out of bed this morning with relative ease, so hopefully that continues. The stairs on the other hand have been a bit more challenging. I’m all the way on the sixth floor, and I definitely break a sweat on the climb. I did it three time yesterday and twice today, and I can definitely feel it. By Easter I’m going to have legs and lungs of steel though, which I’m sure will come in handy while backpacking around Europe 🙂

Fat Tuesday was fun while it lasted, but unfortunately much of this weekend will be spent working hard, as next week I have my translation midterm and first poetry essay. I took a couple of pictures on my stroll in the park this afternoon because it was finally sunny again!


6 thoughts on “Mardi Gras

  1. Beautiful park! I have been reading back through your blog and your writing skills are superb! Please be wary of “strangers” as I am not comfortable with the stories of women’s experiences recently in Europe and I worry about you and Madison – that’s what grandmas (and moms) do!
    Grandma Bobbi

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