La Vida Noche


Well yesterday was a pretty great day. To preface, my phonetics professor has been out of town this week, so our materials have been online. With that being said, I was finished with all my classes after 2, so we decided to take a break from cafeteria food and hit the streets to find something to eat. We found a burrito bar that was kind of like Chipotle and it was super delicious. They even had Budweiser; surprisingly it was the cheapest beer on the menu! After lunch I tried to finish up the week’s Lit work, then took a nap.

In the evening, we decided to go to this “meet and speak” function, where the idea is to talk to native speakers in the language you’re trying to learn for a portion of the time, then to help them learn your language. After dinner, I ventured out with only a vague idea of where the club was located, but I figured it wouldn’t be that difficult to find. It was. Haha I’m pretty sure I got off on the wrong bus stop, but I knew it was near La Plaza de Espana, so I made my way there. Then I walked for probably about 20 minutes trying to find it; I even asked like three people for directions, but no one had ever hear of it. I eventually found it on the second floor of the most unassuming building. It was different than I thought it would be, and it was more of just a club with ton of foreign students. It was pretty fun though. I met this girl from China who currently goes to the university in British Columbia that I had considered!

Anyway, we stayed for a little while then went to explore downtown a little more. Mind you, this was around 11, so the only people out and about were pretty much just families eating dinner. We found a pretty cool place to sit and sample sangria. The nice thing here is that usually when you order a drink, you automatically get Tapas, or small plates of food that vary depending on what you’re drinking. Then we walked to this market place off of La Plaza Mayor and sampled their selection. It’s weird, pretty much every place I’ve tried Sangria its been different. A bunch of people from school had planned to go a notorious club, so we started walking there around 1. The night life here is seriously intense. Basically, the protocol is to go dinner around 10, bars around 12, then head to a club around 2 when the bars close! Then its really sort of all or nothing because the metro stops running from 1 to 6. With that in mind, we were shocked when there was a huge line outside of the club and we had to wait about 30 minutes to get in.

I suppose this place pretty much fit the bill of what you might imagine a European night club to be like. I will say its definitely a good thing I like small spaces with lots of people because the dance floor was literally shoulder to shoulder. Oh and to my friends back at home, nobody here made fun of my dancing! Part of that may be due to the fact that we didn’t really have a great range of motion or that the music made it impossible to hear anyone outside of a three-inch radius. Either way it was a pretty fun time. There were even some Flamenco dancers on stage at one point. The crowds here can be kind of hazardous though. When we got there, a girl from school was in the bathroom with a bleeding toe that someone with heels had stepped on, and when we were walking through the mob of people trying to get in, my friend randomly got burned by a cigarette! Not to mention that the norm seems to be just dropping your drink on the floor when you’re finished (or just clumsy) because there was broken glass all over! Haha I guess it’s a good thing I had on closed toed shoes and came away unscathed.

With our ears ringing, we left the club around 5 and went to this churro place nearby; they were seriously the best things I’ve ever eaten. After that we just sort mingled with people on the streets until the subway opened. I’m still amazed by the lifestyle here, I mean its like people never sleep! Well that’s totally untrue, its nearly impossible to get anything done between 3 and 5pm because apparently everyone’s gone home to nap. Anyway, we parted ways and I met this really great guy who is from the States and lives only a couple streets over! I don’t remember why he said he was here, or how long he’ll be here for, and I didn’t catch his name, but maybe I’ll see him around sometime. So yeah, that’s the general gist of what went on last night. I’m pretty sure Beatriz judged me pretty hard for sleeping in so late, but oh well. I have some school work I need to finish, but so far I’ve pretty much just been taking it easy and drinking plenty of fluids.

I think the thing I love most about here is the diversity. I expected to come here and meet a bunch of Spaniards and people from the U.S., but instead I’m meeting people from pretty much everywhere else. The two people I’ve been hanging out with the most are from South Korea and Nigeria, and I have no idea where most of the other people originate. I for sure know I hear a lot of French around the halls, and there are a lot of people here from Asia, but everyone else is pretty sporadic. There seem to be quite a few people here from St. Louis though, as my campus is part of SLU, but even the people that go the university in the states are from everywhere else. So yeah, it’s been pretty cool interacting with different people. Its kind of funny though because so many of these people from all over the globe really remind me of people I know back in Illinois. I guess college students are really all the same wherever you go.

Well I should try to get something accomplished today or at least find somewhere to eat lunch. The weather here is seriously amazing. It does get warm in the afternoon, but I can’t get over how nice it feels most of the time! Anyway, I’m going to Segovia on Sunday, so that should be fun.

Hasta Luego!

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