El Fin de Semana


Well, I guess I’ve technically finished my first week of classes. The cool thing about being in a Master’s program is that I only have three, and since one of them is online I feel like I hardly spend any time actually in the classroom. That’s not to say it isn’t a lot of work though, I probably spend upwards of eight hours working on stuff yesterday. I think this literature class may kill me; sometimes I would translate a word from Spanish and not even know what it meant in English! Anyway, I have a feeling i will have quite an extensive vocabulary after this term. My other two classes aren’t too bad, and they seem pretty interesting so far. I don’t remember why it came up in comp today, but get this: So we all know that the Spanish name for Joseph is Jose, but  what I didn’t know was that the equivalent to Joe is actually Pepe. It has something to do with the Catholic tradition and Joseph being the father the Jesus. Also, the nickname for Fernando is Paco…not really sure why though.

We had an involvement fair today, and there were less activities than I thought there would be but some interesting ones nonetheless. I signed up for the Human Rights Club, because go humans! I’m also looking into to some volunteer opportunities to help teach English in an elementary school and to work with disabled children. Oh and I signed up to audition for a play. Haha I don’t even remember what it is, but hey, why not? I’m getting ready to head out for my appointment to get a transportation card, then I’m going downtown to meet a friend for dinner. Tomorrow I have an appointment at some official place to get this housing certificate thing, which is one of the many steps in getting my residency card. I thought the complicated paper work would end after I got my student visa, but apparently I was wrong. Oh well, what’s life without at little adversity?

Oh one more thing that I thought was interesting; the other night for dinner we had tuna and hard-boiled egg pizza. It was alright, I’d just never heard of such a thing.

And here’s a virtual tour of my apartment!

The entrance hallway

The entrance hallway

The hallway around the corner

The hallway around the corner

The living/dining room

The living/dining room

My room!

My room!

The bathroom. You can't really see it, but on the bottom left there's actually a bidet! It doesn't work though, I checked

The bathroom. You can’t really see it, but next to the toilet there’s actually a bidet! It doesn’t work though, I checked

The kitchen/laundry room

The kitchen/laundry room/breakfast nook

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