Workin’ for the Weekend


Well, I have officially made it through another week of class! I had my first exam this morning, and I think I did alright on it, but I guess I’ll find out next week. Overall, I think schools getting better in that I am understanding my professors better, but its still a lot of work. I am, however, really enjoying the other students in the group as we are getting to know each better. We had our second dance class last night, and I suppose I am improving, but I don’t think its my calling. Its still really fun and an interesting way to experience the culture, not the mention the instructor is awesome! Oh, so I had my first kind of scary moment this morning! Frances and I were walking to school and after we turned onto the main road, we realized there was a group of young men walking behind us. They immediately began calling at us saying things like, “ay chiquitas!”. We did a sort of half turn, and they all cracked up laughing and continued to pursue us with more vigor. I did get just a little nervous as we could tell they were getting closer and weren’t giving up, that is until they called our names. Turns out it was couple of boys from our program that were also headed to school…we all had a pretty good laugh at that one πŸ™‚

Tomorrow, some of us are presenting in a Costa Rican English class about where we are from. I’ve yet to make my presentation, but I can’t think of too much to say about Illinois except, you know, corn…Chicago…Blagojevich (ha jk I’ll probably leave him out). Then, at noon, we are departing to Arenal! I haven’t checked out the website yet, but from what I’ve heard, the hotel we are staying at sounds like a resort. On the grounds are several hiking trails and nature preserves, so I am excited to explore them. Also, on Saturday I am going to repel down some waterfalls and visit the town of La Fortuna; the weekend will end on Sunday with a lake tour around the volcano. I think its safe to say that the work put in during the week is definitely worth the weekend adventures!

Here are some pictures I took on my walk home from school the other day; it was around 3 in the afternoon, so there wasn’t much traffic:


looking back toward the university

looking back toward the university



we then take  a shortcut up this hill...

we then take a shortcut up this hill…

...through some basketball courts...

through some basketball courts…

...across this "workout park"...

across this “workout park”…

...down a side street...

down a side street…

...onto our road...

onto our road…

...then to our house!

…then to our house!

6 thoughts on “Workin’ for the Weekend

  1. Just read your blog, this is si interesting and exciting for you! Congratulations and enjoy all your adventures. Susanne Albers( moms friend).

  2. I’m enjoying your blog Victoria! I’m sure you’re having a great summer and exploring all kinds of new places. You’ll have to post about your waterfall adventure when you return. I’m anxious to hear about it. Have a great time!!!

    • Thank you!! So far the whole experience has been absolutely amazing! I will post about the waterfall as soon as someone sends me the pictures πŸ™‚

  3. Looks like an amazing time. I have been to Costa Rica twice and found that everywhere I went, people were so open and friendly. Also, LOVE all the fresh fruit. How many kinds of mangos have you tried? Have you had a mangosteen?

    • Yes, the fruit here has been fantastic!!! I honestly cannot identify a percentage of the fruits I have eaten haha, but today I did I eat a sour mango that was very delicious πŸ™‚

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