La Isla Tortuga


On Saturday, one of my classmates, TaLeitha, and I went to Turtle Island, which turned out to actually be in the Pacific. Anyway, we had to meet at the school at 6 am then take a cab to San Jose where we caught a bus. The ride took about two hours, but they gave us breakfast so it was alright. On the way, the guide explained some rather interesting things. For instance, way back in the day when there was a lot civil war going on in Costa Rica, they sought allies and would refer to each other as “hermaniticos”, which is kind of like little brother; eventually, the nickname was shortened to Tico which they still use today…all the time! Overall the scenery was pretty great on the ride, and there was one road where the Pacific was on one side and the Caribbean was on the other, so that was awesome. When we got to the dock, we joined another group and all boarded a big boat. There were probably at least 70 people all together, and all but about five, myself included, were Ticos! The ride was pretty wild because there was a lot dancing, singing, and drinking, but not by me of course.

The reason it is called Turtle Island is because it is literally in the shape of turtle. Ironically, we approached an island that looked exactly like a turtle, so we were confused when it didn’t have a beach and the boat kept going; apparently there are two islands in the Pacific that look just like turtles. Anyway, the boat ride was also about two hours, and we got to meet a lot of interesting people on the way. When we finally arrived at the beach, it was gorgeous! While we were there, we decided to go snorkeling. It was really cool because they brought along some food, so all the fish practically swarmed us! The interesting thing was that, although they surrounded us, they never did make contact. There were so many beautiful, vibrant-colored fish, it was amazing. We ate fish for lunch, which I also thought was a little ironic, then we rode a banana boat. I had never seen one before, but it basically looks like an inflatable log that you straddle and then you are pulled behind a boat. It fits about ten people, but only five of us went. It was actually a lot like tubing. Our driver was quite the character and he threw us of several times, which was probably the most fun part! After the last time he drove away so we were left to swim back to shore 🙂

On the boat ride back, it started to rain so everyone had to squeeze into the lower deck; it seemed as if it would be stuffy and miserable, but it turned into a karaoke jam/dance party and was really fun. When we finally made it back to San Jose it was pouring and we were exhausted. We figured finding a taxi would be easy, but we were sorely mistaken! Because it was raining and a Saturday night, all the companies we called were busy, and we had a hard time communicating with the reception at the hotel. Eventually, we were able to find one outside and made it home around 9. Overall it was an incredible day!

Hasta Manana!

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NOT Turtuga Island...

NOT Turtuga Island…


Tortuga Island! I mean I guess it looks like a turtle...

Tortuga Island! I mean I guess it looks like a turtle…

This island is right next to Tortuga; the natives named it the sleeping woman because that's what it looks like. Her head is on the very left...

This island is right next to Tortuga; the natives named it the sleeping woman because that’s what it looks like. Her head is on the very left…

One thought on “La Isla Tortuga

  1. thank you for posting some beautiful pictures of the islands and let me just say….I hope you are covering yourself in sunscreen sister!!!! It sounds like so much fun, just the party of getting to the islands! I see the turtle part, that’s perfectly clear, but I can’t see the “sleeping woman”. I’m going to keep trying though, it’s like the beautiful woman or the witch visual. 🙂 Plus, the pics you posted in the previous blog of the food have been making me crazy!!! it looks so good…I’ve gone out for mexican at least once a day for the last 5 days because of it. Mexican is the closest we’ve got to “costa rican” cuisine! 🙂

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