El Fin de Semana!


     Its finally the weekend, and I cannot wait for the festivities to begin! Turns out a trip to Monteverde takes a bit more planning than we did, so we will have to save that for another weekend. Instead, tomorrow a couple of us are going to Tortuga Island in the Caribbean Sea! We have to be at the University at 6 am then we are taking a cab to San Jose where a bus will take us about two hours to the boat. I hope to do some snorkeling while I am there and I will definitely take plenty of pictures. Then on Sunday, almost all of us are going white water rafting! Apparently the river we are going on is ranked third in the world for rafting, but I probably wont get to take to many pictures of that. I think the thing I’m looking forward to the most is getting some fresh air! Most of our walk to school is along the main highway which is always full of cars and soo many buses, so I’ve been inhaling a lot of exhaust fumes. On a good note though, we are getting much better at crossing the streets without almost getting hit! The weather here has actually been pretty great so far; the highs are usually somewhere around 80 and there is humidity, but its really nothing compared to St. Louis in the summer. The only difference is that most people don’t wear shorts here and not every place has air conditioning, but my morning trek enables me to break my first sweat of the day and its all down hill from there 🙂 Also, it gets much cooler at night, so sleeping is always comfortable.

      Today we took a tour of Heredia, so I got see all of the other parts of the city. Because we were walking in a big group listening to explanations of some cites, I embraced being a tourist and finally took some random pictures. Right now I’m watching Miss Costa Rica because my host family’s niece is a contestant!

Hasta la proxima!



2 thoughts on “El Fin de Semana!

  1. Not only is it humid here, but it’s slightly temperamental/moody weather lately. Bright sunshine with rain pouring on you from seemingly no where. The forecasters are calling it “Isolated Showers”. I think it’s more akin to “bi-polar disorder” 🙂 I find it really ironic though that you are in Costa Rica and on a day to day basis feel like you need fresh air. It’s something I, again, never really considered. The stereotypes we have are really absurd sometimes. I just thought all of Costa Rica would be like a disney production….fresh air, clear clean water, beautiful plant and animal life everywhere. I am so enjoying your blog Victoria! Can’t wait to hear about your white water rafting excursion!!! I’ve always dreamed of doing that, but in my dreams I’m like a muscular, fierce, courageous woman taking control of the raft and easing the nerves of my passengers while saving their lives with my one remaining oar and my bare hand. I suspect I might instead be more curled up in the fetal position crying and praying most of the trip though. 🙂 Miss you!

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