First Day of School!


So I just got back from my school, and I left this morning around 7:15! Today was…challenging to say the least! Both of my professors are really great, but they do talk pretty fast. Also, one of them had notes on the bored while she was lecturing! Turns out its nearly impossible to write and listen at the same time, or even listen at all, well at least right now. I have to admit, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed after my second class, but when one girl burst into tears, I realized I wasn’t the only one! After class, me and some classmates worked on a homework assignment for over two hours, and that was just for one class! These next few weeks are definitely going to be tough, but I can only imagine where my Spanish skills will be when I’m done 🙂 For my phonology class, we had to go the cafeteria and ask random native speakers to read some phrases so we could hear how they pronounced certain things; it seemed a little embarrassing at first, but everyone was super nice and willing to help in any way they could!

Otherwise, everything is still going great! Frances and I walked to and from the University today without assistance and we managed to not get lost. Oh, and our mamatica watches her one-year old grandson, Nicholas, everyday, so we got to meet him this morning and he is seriously the most adorable thing I have ever seen! I’m starting to get to know my classmates a lot better, and overall they are a really great group of people, so thats awesome. I would still have to say that the best part about all of this is the food! I had lunch in the cafeteria today and I got a plate of rice, beans, and chicken, but the portions were enormous and the whole thing, with a drink, ended up only being about 4 USD. Well, I still have some homework to do, but dinner should be ready soon. I cannot wait to eat, bathe and then sleeep!


3 thoughts on “First Day of School!

  1. It just sounds like a wonderful adventure! We miss you but are always looking forward to your posts. Don’t be overwhelmed with your classes. You are a master student and will get the hang of it in no time. Stick with Fran. Cherish the moments. All my love..Mom
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  2. I’m sure that is tricky to do the writing and the translating….different sides of your brain I would imagine. You are a whiz though and I’m sure are learning so much!!! Love reading your blog!

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